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Learning anatomy has never felt so good.

Our anatomically correct 3D models are rendered in real time using groundbreaking 3D technology to give you an immersive experience. Dive in from any angle, hide or isolate areas and select individual or multiple structures to explore and learn more about them. No matter how far you zoom in to the model, our updated high-resolution textures will still look stunning.

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    Toggle on and off any of the 11 body systems.

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    Choose any of the over 9,000 structures and drill down for more information.

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    View structures in isolation for even more anatomical detail.

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    Explode group selections for a visual understanding of structural relationships.

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    New high-resolution textures offer extra detail when zooming in.

Connect with the 3D environment.

A range of new 3D tools, with several patents pending, will allow you to delve even deeper into the anatomy. Cut through the surface of any structure to see what lies beneath. Physicians can apply tears and growths to soft tissue, or spurs and fractures to bone. Draw directly on the model using our innovative 3D Pen. Visualizing conditions and treatments will have a fundamental impact on patient understanding and lead to better healthcare choices.

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    See through layers with the Discover tool to uncover what lies beneath a structure.

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    View cross-sections anywhere on the body using the 3D Cut tool.

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    Create common conditions that patients experience, such as tissue tears, directly on the model.

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    Add custom bone spurs and growths to structures.

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    Make notes by drawing directly on the model in 3D or creating a text card.

The 3D model comes to life.

For the first time, bring the anatomy to life with real time animations. Pick a muscle and select a movement to see it contract and relax directly on the model, in turn animating the skeleton. View the animation from any angle and pause or control the angle of the movement. The perfect resource for any physiotherapist.

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    Choose any muscle and see it in action.

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    Zoom in and view the muscle movement from any angle or distance.


Animate blood flow throughout the body. Select the veins and arteries that you want to follow and create a custom blood flow path to follow around the model. A truly unique learning experience.

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    Watch and follow the blood flow as it circulates around the body.

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    Select specific vessels to create a custom blood flow path.

Create and learn with plates.

Save your work as an interactive 3D screenshot. The new Plates feature will allow you to add customized labels detailing your content. Once saved, it can be revisited and explored at any time: the perfect revision tool for students and a great way for physicians to visualize their patients’ conditions.

  • Screenshot of plate creation tools in Complete Anatomy
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Share and collaborate with the world.

Build a network of medical peers and professionals from around the globe and learn from their work. Share your created plates with a patient, a specified group, or publicly with the whole world. Download plates that others have shared to continue exploring and learning.

  • Screenshot of sharing functionality in Complete Anatomy

    Set up your work on the model using the 3D tools.

  • Create a plate, and add customized labels to show your work.

  • Share that plate within a group, or publicly with the world.

Tailored for your needs.

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Student Edition

Includes access to custom created lessons and courses, as well as the ability to share and publish on the Complete Anatomy Publishing Platform.

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Academic Edition

Designed for educators to create and share content and courseware with a group, and to create tests and track progress.

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Clinical Solution

Covers the entire clinical pathway from patient education to rehabilitation and outcomes. Record and share consultations on a HIPAA compliant platform integrated into your EMR.

Designed for you. Built for iOS.

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iOS 9

Complete Anatomy is built from the ground-up to support and run on iOS 9, so it is fully compatible with the latest updates.

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Complete Anatomy supports Slide Over and Split View iPad multitasking, allowing you to reference the app when you need it.

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64-bit architecture

Our 64-bit architecture makes the best use of your iPad’s processing power, allowing for low latency and efficient power usage.

We've been doing this for a while.

We began developing apps in 2010 and we are the world’s most successful producer of medical and health and fitness apps for both desktop and mobile. Our apps are used in almost every university in the world, and are recognized globally as the best anatomical resources available. We’ve seen this reflected in our success on the app store, with our apps reaching the #1 spot in more than 140 countries.

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We are always looking to develop new partnerships, and with the Complete Anatomy Series launching soon we would love to hear from other groups and organizations that would have inventive and innovative uses for our technology. Follow the link below to get in touch with us.

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