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3D4Medical in the Classroom ...and Beyond

"88% of students said the use of app improved anatomy knowledge. 73% said the content of the app aligned well with what they learned in the class." Read how ELON University students use 3D4Medical apps in both the classroom and hospital ward.

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DIRECTV uses 3D4Medical's Essential Anatomy for Fantasy NFL

Our award winning medical reference app was chosen to explain player injuries on DIRECTV’s Fantasy Zone weekly Injury Reports segment.
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3D4Medical features in Apple Keynote address

3D4Medical was featured as part of the Apple Keynote address in San Francisco-WWDC event. Apple chose to show one of our apps being used in a school in India, and also interviewed our CEO John Moore speaking about the company in our offices in Dublin. Check out from the 8th minute and also at the very end.
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iMuscle 2 for Android and Windows

iMuscle 2 is now available for Android and Windows users. Check it out on the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for Android, and on the Windows Store for Windows tablets and desktops.

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3D4Medical is an award winning technology company that specializes in the development of medical, educational and health & fitness apps for professional reference as well as student and patient education. Our apps are expertly designed to encourage unique learning experiences through intuitive interactivity and stunning visualizations.

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